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We are &Element, a team of developers, designers and creative people working from all around the world for clients with a flare for innovation. We enjoy taking on new projects and working closely with clients to build every aspect of their digital business.

Our passion lies in building beautiful software and designs that empower our client’s users to make their lives easier. With a heavy focus on UX and design, we take special care to add value to all the work we produce.

Website Development

We build responsive and modern websites using React.Js and Node.js with a specific focus on SEO and performance to tell your story and sell your products online. Each website is hand-crafted and scalable, with a specific focus on security

App Development

iOS and Android app development have some real-world advantages over off-the-shelf apps. Having the ability to offer push notifications, geolocation data and other data to your company, as well as having your product in your user’s hands, is so important now. Over 80% of online purchases are made on a mobile. Providing a native experiences and include features like FaceId and Apple/Google Pay.

Digital Marketing

A digital strategy refers to a plan that employs multiple digital initiatives to achieve company goals. In today's modern world, simply just “having a website” isn’t enough. You need to have a well-thought-out online plan that works together with multiple services to propel your business successfully.

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