Website Development

We build responsive and modern websites using React.Js and Node.js with a specific focus on SEO and performance to tell your story and sell your products online. Each website is hand-crafted and scalable, with a specific focus on security.


What is web development?

Web Development is the process of creating a website that can promote your business or sell products online globally. Websites are the number one tool for marketing your business online. We build modern and responsive websites that are optimised for performance and usability.

Element Softworks is an award-winning industry leader in bespoke Web Development and eCommerce platforms. We focus on results. SEO-friendly and high-performing websites are critical in this modern world, but what is equally important is mobile-friendly websites that work across every device, such as laptops, tablets, mobiles and desktops.

We also have a vast knowledge of experience with Dashboard Development and Content Management Systems (CMS) that help businesses create, manage and optimise their online business strategy.


Why is a custom website important?

A custom website is designed with your needs and passions in mind. A professional website increases credibility and separates you from the competition. A website helps create brand awareness and showcases your brand to prospective customers. It helps to establish your image by letting the audience know who you are and what you represent.

A website provides reliable information to the consumers, which helps in setting your business apart from the competitors. It also helps generate leads, increasing sales. Having a custom website developed by us provides you with more leads and, therefore, more chances for you to increase your profits. You get more return on investment out of a website than what you put into a website, especially with a custom website that can target anyone in the world.


Bespoke web development

Making a website that showcases your branding successfully and leads to more business for you is our primary goal. We’re consistently focused on how the products we build solve your biggest business challenges. As a result, we have a knack for spotting web development opportunities. Accelerate your growth and set out a strategically sound approach from the onset.

At the beginning of any project, we understand the unique challenges your business is facing - not getting distracted by the symptoms of a problem, but addressing the root cause directly. A good team asking the right questions makes a difference to your bottom line, and avoids time-wasting with unhelpful fluff.


How we do it

Planning and research


In the first phase, we work closely with you to learn not only what your requirements are but the reasons behind them. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we can truly understand the problems that need to be solved.

After an initial free consultation, we build a requirements document and build a breakdown of design, development and support needed along with the hourly required. We charge an hourly rate so we can scale up or down depending on your needs. Usually, we will provide recommendations on where we can provide the most value.

Once you’re happy with the quote, we’ll send the contract over and after receiving the first payment we’ll move over to the design phase.


Want to learn more?

We’re ready to help your dreams become a reality. Let’s make your next Web Development project a success.


A selection of our favourite projects

Trusted and award winning

We’ve been working as a team for over a decade with hundreds of projects under our belt and multiple challenges and awards we have won. If you would like to learn more about our testimonials and awards click below.

&Element Team&Element Team&Element Team&Element Team&Element Team

Ricky Brownlee

Creative Building Design Ltd

We needed a new redesign for our website to keep our online presence active. The &Elements team came into our offices, and we worked together on the requirements for the new website. A few days later, they came back with the design prototype, which after we approved we got our site up and running a couple of weeks later and it even works on mobiles now. Thanks guys!

Ruth Paton

University of Suffolk

We reached out to &Element to help us create the branding strategy for Entrepreneurs Forge, which is an immersive development programme designed to help personal resilience and economic recovery and growth in Suffolk. The team worked with us through many research sessions to build a brand that delivered to exactly how we wanted.

Peter Cochrane OBE

Ex-CTO of BT

There is nothing like a change of career for creating a tidal wave of disruption; and after decades of leading industry, I was ready for a change. This needed capable hands and minds, but serendipitously, I met Element Softworks! After working with them over 2 months we created my new brand and website. Luke and his team are the best I have ever worked with, and therefore come with my full support and highest recommendation.

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