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Are you looking for a reliable React JS development company to bring your website or app idea to life? Look no further! We are experts in ReactJS and specialise in developing top-notch websites and applications for recognised brands. React JS is a powerful, free front-end JavaScript library that allows us to build user interfaces based on modular UI components. As an open-source technology, React has gained immense popularity and has remained the most sought-after JavaScript library for over half a decade. If you’re in need of a robust web solution, partnering with our dedicated React JS development team can offer you numerous benefits. With our expertise in React Native development, we can also assist you in creating high-performance mobile applications tailored to your specific requirements. Trust our skilled JavaScript developers to deliver exceptional results and take your digital presence to new heights.

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Why Choose a React JS Development Company for Small Business Growth

As a small business owner, leveraging React JS for your web development needs can offer numerous advantages. React JS provides a modular approach to building user interfaces, making it easier to create and maintain interactive websites or applications. With its component-based architecture, React JS enables developers to reuse code, saving time and effort in the development process. This efficiency translates into cost savings for small businesses with limited resources. Additionally, React JS is known for its excellent performance, ensuring that your website or app loads quickly and provides a seamless user experience. By choosing a React JS development company like And Element, you can take advantage of these benefits and enhance your online presence in a cost-effective manner.

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Elevate User Experience with React JS Components: A Competitive Edge

Providing an exceptional user experience is vital for the success of any website or application. React JS, with its component-based structure, allows developers to create highly interactive and dynamic user interfaces. By breaking down the UI into reusable components, React JS facilitates smooth navigation, seamless transitions, and interactive features that engage users. These components can be easily customised and updated, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing user interface across different devices. Whether it's adding animations, implementing real-time updates, or building intuitive forms, React JS empowers developers to create compelling user experiences that keep visitors engaged and satisfied.

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Unleashing the Power of React JS for Enhanced Website Performance and Speed

Website performance and speed are critical factors that impact user engagement and search engine rankings. React JS addresses these concerns by employing a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) and a reconciliation algorithm. The virtual DOM allows React JS to efficiently update and render only the necessary components, minimising the impact on performance. With the reconciliation algorithm, React JS intelligently determines the minimal number of updates required, further optimising the rendering process. This results in faster load times and smoother interactions, enhancing the overall user experience. By partnering with a React JS development company that understands these performance optimisations, you can ensure your website delivers exceptional speed and performance.

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Scaling Your Business with React JS: Building Robust Web Applications

Scalability is a crucial consideration when developing web applications, especially for businesses with growth ambitions. React JS provides a solid foundation for building scalable web applications. With its component-based architecture, React JS allows developers to break down complex applications into manageable and reusable components. These components can be developed independently and then seamlessly integrated, making it easier to scale the application as your business expands. Furthermore, React JS's virtual DOM and efficient rendering process contribute to improved performance, even as the application grows in complexity. By harnessing the power of React JS, you can build scalable web applications that can evolve and adapt to your business needs.


React Native App Development Company: Unlocking Cross-Platform Potential

In today's mobile-centric world, reaching users on multiple platforms is essential for business growth. React Native, a framework built upon React JS, empowers developers to create cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase. With React Native, you can build native-like apps for both iOS and Android platforms, significantly reducing development time and costs. The ability to share code across platforms ensures consistency in design and functionality while providing a native-like user experience. React Native also allows for easy integration


How can I add User Interface (UI) quickly to my website?

We leverage the power of Material UI (MUI), a leading React.js library, to expedite the development of feature-rich React JS frontend websites. With MUI, we have a proven approach that enables us to build websites quickly and efficiently. By utilising the comprehensive suite of UI tools offered by Material UI, we can streamline the development process and accelerate the delivery of new features. This means we can focus on developing the most important features for your website while saving time and resources. With Material UI's theming capabilities, we can swiftly customise the look and feel of your website, aligning it with your brand identity. This flexibility allows for easy integration with content management systems (CMS), ensuring seamless editing and updates. By using Material UI as a solid foundation, we can style and tailor the pre-built components to your preferences, while also creating new components when needed. This approach empowers us to create a visually stunning and highly functional website that perfectly aligns with your business objectives.


What are the benefits of using React.js on my website?


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When you are picking a codebase for your website, you need to look into the future. Is the codebase popular? Can other people work on this in the future, or will I be locked in a legacy system? React JS has over 160,000 stars on GitHub and is maintained by Facebook, which uses it on many of their projects. Perhaps the most noticeable of them all is that it powers over 2.5 million websites around the world, and support is only growing. This means this ecosystem will long be supported into the future and provides reassurance that you won’t be locking yourself into a system that only specific developers can use.

React JS in App Development

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As discussed in our App Development service, React JS is a web development framework. But React Native shares a lot of concepts and similar syntax to React JS. This means a Web Developer can fairly easily adopt React Native to make iOS and Android apps.

Reusable components

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One of the main concepts around React is that once a component is made it can be easily placed in other places across the site, whether a component is as small as a button, or a form, or a contact section - components can be used inside other components and then reused again and again. This means once you start to have a few components, development becomes very quick. When paired with a CMS, clients can easily add a new component via an Admin Panel or CMS platform, and it can instantly appear in the frontend.

Faster development

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Speed, ease and comfort are the top choices of today’s tech-focused generation. No matter the size of the business, whether a start-up or an industry leader, at every level, companies are looking to build reliable and scalable websites quickly. React JS allows developers to focus on business needs rather than getting bogged down in needless development issues.


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When building web applications for business, flexibility is the first thing that business owners look for. With plenty of tools and features available to engineers, they can quickly code a modular system that allows, in turn, organisations to use a website, modify it and adapt. Being able to pivot technically to a business’s needs is important to save costs and ensure projects stay on track without technical debt.

A strong focus on User Experience

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Perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords in business today is the focus on User Experience (UX). The term "User Experience" describes how a product, application, system, or service makes the user feel. It is a general term that can refer to anything, including how easily a user can navigate a product, how simple it is to use, how pertinent the shown content is, etc. React JS having such a strong focus on User Interfaces means it is very easy for a developer to stay focused on ensuring your website has a strong User Experience.

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We’ve been working as a team for over a decade with hundreds of projects under our belt and multiple challenges and awards we have won. If you would like to learn more about our testimonials and awards click below.

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Ricky Brownlee

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Creative Building Design Ltd

We needed a new redesign for our website to keep our online presence active. The &Elements team came into our offices, and we worked together on the requirements for the new website. A few days later, they came back with the design prototype, which after we approved we got our site up and running a couple of weeks later and it even works on mobiles now. Thanks guys!

Ruth Paton

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University of Suffolk

We reached out to &Element to help us create the branding strategy for Entrepreneurs Forge, which is an immersive development programme designed to help personal resilience and economic recovery and growth in Suffolk. The team worked with us through many research sessions to build a brand that delivered to exactly how we wanted.

Peter Cochrane OBE

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Ex-CTO of BT

There is nothing like a change of career for creating a tidal wave of disruption; and after decades of leading industry, I was ready for a change. This needed capable hands and minds, but serendipitously, I met Element Softworks! After working with them over 2 months we created my new brand and website. Luke and his team are the best I have ever worked with, and therefore come with my full support and highest recommendation.

Got a question?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library used for building user interfaces (UIs) and single-page applications (SPAs). It was developed by Facebook and is currently one of the most popular front-end frameworks available. 

At &element, we use this on almost every single one of our projects for frontend development. This is often powered by a Node.js API server.

React.js can be used for a wide range of projects, from small web applications to large-scale projects. It is particularly well-suited for building single-page applications (SPAs) and real-time applications.

This includes our most popular projects, from simple frontend marketing websites all the way up to multiple platform scalable dashboards. Because it is scalable, the React.js development framework is suited for all frontend development.

Yes, we can build custom React.js components to meet your specific requirements. This includes developing new components from scratch or modifying existing components to suit your needs.

We use Material UI to build the frame of all of our projects, and from there, we build primarily custom components to suit the needs of your brief. We don’t reinvent the wheel, and we provide a custom experience for every project we do each time.

The cost of developing a React.js application will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of features required. As a web development agency, we can provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specific requirements.

Simple websites can be a few thousand pounds; most websites are above the £10,000 range. For the most complex sites or multi-platform architecture, the cost can go into the six-figure range as it can include many months of development by more than one developer.

React.js differs from other front-end frameworks in that it focuses on building UI components, rather than providing a full suite of features. This makes it more lightweight and flexible than other frameworks and allows for more modular and reusable code.

We’ve worked with both React.js and Vue.js, among other frameworks, in the past. However, we have chosen to specialise in React.js as we believe it offers the best experience for our development and value for our clients.

React.js offers many benefits, including faster development times, easier code maintenance, improved performance, and the ability to reuse components.

For us, it allows our team to build a quick, scalable UI that is fast and reliable. For our clients, it means we can save them money while providing a best-in-class experience.

Yes, as a web development agency, we have extensive experience working with React.js. We have developed a wide range of projects over many years using the framework. Nearly everyone in our development team specialises in React.js, and the work speaks for itself. Take a look at our portfolio to see what exciting projects we’ve been up to!

The development time for a React.js application will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of features required. As a web development agency, we can provide a project timeline that will give you an estimate of the development time required based on hundreds of previous projects we have completed. 

Smaller projects can take between 1-3 months, most projects take 3-6 months, and larger projects can take up to a year to complete.

Yes, React.js can be easily integrated with other technologies, including back-end technologies like Node.js and Python. This allows for the development of full-stack applications that can handle complex functionality.

Our speciality lies in MongoDB, Express, React.js, and Node.js (the MERN) stack. We have built a LOT of websites in this stack and have years of experience to call upon when facing any errors or challenges.

Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance and support for all the applications we develop, including those built with React.js. This includes bug fixes, feature updates, and general maintenance to ensure that your application continues to function at its best.

Generally, our support plan is a retainer that most clients take. This usually covers 5-10 hours (depending on project size) a month at our standard hourly rate. This will cover security fixes, minor bug changes, and any urgent uptime fixes. Any new scope of work or larger bug fixes will need to be quoted and booked in. The bigger the support plan agreed the more work can be done without having to book it into a diary.

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