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Redefining insurance infrastructure for the good of the people with a focus on user experiences

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We worked closely with the Arma Karma team to revitalise their marketing website, subscription sign up system, and implementing a backend dashboard and API for monitoring every level of the customer journey. By presenting this information in a more accessible way it allows for constant review for them to be able to improve conversions, bounce rates and overall customer experience.


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Increase in policies


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Increased sales

Increasing policy purchases through every aspect possible

We worked closely with the Arma Karma team to revitalise their marketing website, brand image and policy checkout system, along with a backend dashboard and API for monitoring every level of the customer journey. This allows for constant monthly review and improvement in conversions, bounce rates and customer experience.

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 A USP of Arma Karma is that they can adapt quicker than their competitors to introduce new insurance products and strategies to market.

Other insurance companies are traditionally very slow to adapt to change and find it hard to focus on their customer’s experience. The vision that Arma Karma sought to create was one where they would be able to take full control of their tech stack to actively manage changes rather than creating a static environment.

Arma Karma’s strategy focused on improving their whole ecosystem one milestone at a time. First, rebuilding their insurance quotation system into a new Node.js API. Then introducing a bespoke admin panel for their team to view and manage customer profiles, track user progression within the journey, item quote performance, sales data, and more. Following this we looked together at how we could improve the customer journey (subscription purchase site) and then finished by collaborating on Arma Karma’s new marketing website.



Marketing website

Alongside Arma Karma, we created a visually appealing website using their teams insights to make the typically boring insurance sector more engaging as well as focusing on increasing user conversion into the customer journey. Targeting 18–34-year-olds, Arma Karma’s marketing site showcases what they are able to protect which includes items such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, musical instruments, bikes and more. These items are key to their subscription service as they are the items that their target audience care for the most in day-to-day life.

Every page was designed and built from the ground up, focusing on SEO and maximising their digital marketing effectiveness. The site is set up to convert people in three clicks to find the cover they want to purchase by seamlessly transporting the user into the integrated customer journey at specified points.

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Interactive customer journey

The customer journey allows people to add their personal devices to their cover by selecting specific brands and models of digital equipment to see quote prices without having to interact with a human. Users can combine categories together in multi-item policies to receive discounts and even provide further item details such as value and IMEI to reduce subscription costs further.

API integrated anti-fraud measures are in place to filter out scam users; and there’s also integrated session and heatmap tracking to see where user drop-offs occur which provide instant feedback for future improvement. When a customer gets towards the checkout, they can select a nominated charity from a panel of four who will receive 25% of Arma Karma’s commission revenue from the subscription purchase.

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Admin dashboard and secure API

The Arma Karma admin panel allows management of users, policies, discounts, item categories and pricing. Perhaps most notably, there are in-depth filter options and funnels to view the precise details of user groups policies and where customer journey drop-off occurs.

Integrating directly with Arma Karma’s payment provider, Stripe and their insurance underwriting systems through APIs, Arma Karma has the power to obtain the full picture of business performance in their own secure dashboard. Anything they need to view about their users is accessible at their fingertips, where previously, the data was spread across multiple cumbersome platforms.

Insurance for Good

B Corp Certification is an accreditation to show that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from charitable giving and community to the treatment of our employees and customers.

Arma Karma is one of the highest-scoring companies in the UK, and we wanted to ensure this was showcased alongside the fact that they donated 25% of their commission revenue to charity and have planted over 5,500 trees and saved over 100 tons of CO2.

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