Entrepreneurs Forge.

A new brand to express growth, innovation and technology.


Entrepreneurs Forge


Branding Guidelines, Graphic Design


A new sub-brand for the University of Suffolk to express growth, innovation and technology.

The Entrepreneurs Forge is an immersive development programme designed to create and foster innovation that is strong, enduring, and successful.

Leading and driving the strengthening of Suffolk’s digitally creative SMEs, and the employability of Suffolk’s students and graduates, the programme will forge strong bonds between participants to support personal and business recovery and resilience.

How to develop a brand?

A brand is not a logo…

The beginnings of a brand starts at researching the target market. This is often associate with the core business development of the company; however, the designer may contribute by developing market understanding. Designers help with developing the mission statement and core values which transcend into visual research that represents the brand.

We work hard to mix and match, and combine this research into several unique styles that give the audience the feeling of the core brand values. This prepares your audience with an expectation of the type of product that you deliver, whether its premium, technical, luxury, for-the-masses, innovative… the list goes on.

This compromises the core development of a brand. The rest is just execution of style and marketing.

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 20.41.19.png

We started by creating several research boards.


Six Logo ideas generated

We conducted a design study of six primary concepts, with ten designs internally judged.

These logos carried a theme of company values, name, letterforms and relevant symbolismed mixed together to create a memorable mark that described ‘Entrepreneurs Forge’ to it’s target market.


Two final Logos pitched

The refinement process was strict, only allowing a certain number of concepts through the process.

Internal and selective external research studies influenced the final result. We ensured that those questioned had a non-bias understanding of what the logo represented and whether it spoke to them.

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 22.34.19.png

Geometry and typography at harmony with one another.

A logo that represents choice, channels, connections. Inspired by digital circuitry the mark appears as an “E, F“ for Entrepreneurs Forge.

The colour represents variety in the users journey and convey opportunity with rich colour.

Want a logo with perfect aesthetical precision?

Four Stylescapes were pitched

A Stylescape describes the specific values of a brand condensed into a single stylistic sheet that can be judged at once.


We started by creating several research boards.


An Engaging Email Campaign.

Even though Element Softworks did not execute the brand strategy for Entrepreneurs Forge, we provided many marketing templates to ensure a consistent brand image was viewed by their audience.

It was crucial that the hard-work of developing the brand was executed in all assets.


The project was finalised with a comprehensive branding guideline book and training given on key software to the University team.