Skipper My Boat

Building and integrating a digital platform system to accommodate a global marketplace.

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Skipper My Boat


Global boat renting platform


Tasked to design, develop, and support a scalable system that enables painless boat rental bookings for hosts, guests, and captains around the world

Skipper My Boat is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent boats to boat owners, charter operators and captains. Users can browse, compare and book boats. For boat owners, it’s the easiest way to monetise their expensive assets.

We worked with TravelCloud to build a solution that heavily focuses on technology to change the fragmented $51 billion boat charter industry and make rentals easy and online.

Users can browse and compare boats based on location, price, number of people, type of activity they want to do and user experiences, with a heavy focus on usability the platform also supports social sign in, multiple payment options, wishlists, multi-user bookings and more tools to bring the guests and hosts together.


Our detailed planning resulted in a polished website, mobile app, admin panel and API for both guests and hosts.

Our Solution

After successfully launching an MVP, we took the time to split up the project into 3 dedicated code bases. After building the multi-purpose API, a great deal of time was spent focusing on UX and SEO to keep users engaged on the platform. Building the main site in React meant we also could quickly release mobile apps in React Native.

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Skipper my boat uses a strikingly pink accent across the brand which revitalises the overall look and feel against a mellow blue which is used as our secondary colour. The logo was formed as a ship’s steering wheel to directly correlate to the usage of the platform is to use these boats from consumer to host.


SkipperMyBoat now offers over 35,000 boats across the global in over 100 different countries.

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