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National fleet management platform

Building a platform to manage a nationwide fleet of tyre repairs

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Anglian Truck Tyres wanted one simple dashboard to manage multiple parts of their business, from health and safety documentation, fleed lists, customer policies, access notes, to-do lists, vehicle/equipment lists, notification system and stock management platform.


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Decrease in missed jobs


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Staff hours saved annually


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Increase in employee confidence

The end result

ATT improved their overall team strategy by replacing their existing paper-based systems and combining four dashboards into one resulting in five hours saved per employee per week.

We worked with Anglian Truck Tyres to understand all of their internal processes and strategised how we could build a simple platform to accommodate 8 different systems for three types of users in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

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Fleet management system

Seamlessly manage your own fleet of vehicles across multiple locations and send out monthly reports to ensure vehicles are working without issues and that each van is fully stocked.

Reminders are sent out when reports aren’t filled out, and any issues raised are created into a priority-ordered to-do system for the admins to review. Over time we can see what breaks or gets lost most often and view trends to help prevent costs from occurring again.

Anglian Truck Tyres fleet management dashboard user interface

Job management system

Track thousands of customers across multiple locations in one easily searchable platform. Make reports, track efficiencies, and ensure your team performs at its best.

Create jobs per customer and per truck, set priorities and assign relevant employees to each job. Geolocate customers together to give fitters there own region to manage.

Local area job management dashboard software

Employee training platform

Administer employee profiles on the platform, assigning them vans and tasks. Provide employees with a clear daily list of tasks requiring attention.

Facilitate the upload of employee certifications, with alerts for upcoming expirations to schedule renewals. Create a custom tracking system for all required certifications and standards, and monitor employee progress throughout their career.

Training Anglian Truck Tyre employees to manage their training and van through employee management software

Customer management platform

An internal CRM system designed to handle customer management, job tracking, and integrate invoicing and operations management. Organize customers by location groups and standard search methods.

Maintain a record of certificates, access codes, and additional notes for customer sites, ensuring all team members are informed and updated, regardless of individual communications.

Customer management dashboard software for tracking the status of jobs

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