Custom software development is the combination of design and development using software that delivers for both your business and your users. Off-the-shelf applications often use similar SDLC software (Software Development Life Cycle) as custom applications but with custom, developers can alter the software to provide for the needs of the business and its users.

Custom solutions:

One clear advantage involves the personalisation of the app to enable you to generate software that benefits both you and your users. The relationship between the business and the users of your app can improve- the touch of personalisation can enhance how valued your users feel and how loyal they will become.

Reliable and secure:

Using custom application software will guarantee reliability because you own the software and can easily adapt it at any time to fix any issues or make any changes. Implementing custom software will be of high quality to ensure the best results. This is often because the software developer's performance will reflect directly on their work.

Software Security:

Custom application software is often more complex for someone to hack into since it has been created from scratch, unlike existing application software which may use an open-source code. Custom applications will instead be closed sourced with limited interference. To maintain security, they will provide restricted access to those outside of the internal operations who are working on the development of the application.

Increased User Satisfaction:

A personalised user experience encouraged by custom software development is bound to improve user satisfaction. The personalisation aspect of custom app development will contribute to the improvement of long term relationships, providing opportunities for feedback which can be utilised as the basis for app improvements. Having happy users will mean an increase in conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Able to retrieve customer data and feedback:

Your custom application software will be able to retrieve important user data that can be applied to enhance the app’s ultimate performance. Gathering geolocation data will also aid your business in the targeting of relevant audiences.


Off-the-shelf applications often have limited flexibility and scalability with the software being difficult to manipulate at times when you may need to make an adjustment. Whereas, with custom app development, you have the flexibility to adjust app processes and software to the new requirements of the business.

By implementing custom app development over off-the-shelf software, you will be able to set yourself up for success. The creation of a custom application that provides for both your business and your users will ensure you achieve all of your key targets.

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